Pyrgos Ralli

Pyrgos Ralli

“Pyrgos Ralli” or “Chateau Ralli” is a landmark of Aegina, standing proudly in the middle of a magnificent bay, overlooking the sea with its spectacular Aegina sunsets and the ruins of the Temple of Apollo (“Kolona”). It was built around 1890 by Telemachos Rallis, great grand-uncle of today’s owner, in line with the trend of the era that brought prominent Athenians to the island to create impressive holiday manors.

“Pyrgos Ralli” has weathered many storms, literally and figuratively, among others, being seized during the WWII occupation and being used as a place of exile.

Inspired by the neo-gothic architectural style of England, from where it is said that Rallis brought a picture back, it must have taken several years to build, using the Aegina stone, called “pouri”, and to complete the frescoes on the walls, ceilings and floors. The frescoes are based on ancient Greek motifs, with the deep red color prevailing. Surrounded by a beautiful garden of olive, lemon and fig trees and flowers, “Pyrgos Ralli” has been used as a holiday home for the past five generations of the family.

The beautiful estate, with the imposing villa in the background and the stunning views,  is available for weddings and other events.

It has officially been declared an “Historical Preserved Monument and Work of Art” by the Ministry of Culture of Greece.